I have a confession to make. I actually like Mass Effect: Andromeda... there I said it.

In fact, my favorite video game franchise of all time is the Mass Effect series. As a sci-fi nerd, I can't help but to be drawn into Bioware's epic action RPG saga with its mixture of tight controls, intense and varied combat, and that incredible, branching story that forces you to make some truly heart wrenching choices.

The original Mass Effect trilogy tells the story of an impending mass extinction event on a galactic scale while we as Commander Shepard must do everything we can to prevent it. Along the way, you meet up with an eclectic bunch of humans and aliens that each have their own culture and backstory. The world building was actually one of my favorite parts of Mass Effect. Bioware did an excellent job personalizing each specific alien species and making them seem like a real culture. While the bulk of the Mass Effect lore is centered on humans, asari, krogan, turians, salarians, and quarians, even some of the "lesser known" races such as the elcor and hanar are brilliantly fleshed out in their own way

As you may be aware, while the original Mass Effect trilogy is hailed as some of Bioware's best work, the followup, Mass Effect: Andromeda didn't fare so well. Kotaku has a well written article on the story behind Andromeda's troubled development, but suffice it to say; quirky animations, wooden character development, and the lack of real story impact sunk what could have been another hit.

And yet... I still like the game. The story is pretty good once you get into it and the freedom in combat is exhilarating. Then again, I'm a Mass Effect fanboy.

That leads into this weekend's open forum. What is your favorite video game franchise of all? What franchise could you play 100 times and still thoroughly enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below.