T-Mobile is gearing up to roll out a new perk for its unlimited T-Mobile ONE plan next week.

The "un-carrier" has partnered with Netflix to offer the streaming service to its customers at no charge. CEO John Legere introduced the "Netflix on Us" program while lampooning the competition in his hilarious v-log (below).

The catch is that only T-Mobile ONE family plans with two or more voice lines are eligible. This is not a promotional offer that expires; it's is being considered a permanent feature of the package.

Getting started with Netflix on Us is relatively straightforward. Eligible subscribers, both existing and new, can contact T-Mobile through its app, website or by phone to activate their account. They will receive a URL that will link their Netflix and T-Mobile accounts.

Once paired, T-Mobile will pay Netflix directly for your subscription. The company does caution that existing Netflix subscribers might not see the benefits kick in for one or two Netflix billing cycles.

It is also worth noting that T-Mobile will only pay for the $9.99 standard Netflix plan (two simultaneous HD streams). The good news is that if you are a premium subscriber (four streams at $11.99), the service still covers your subscription, but the $2 difference will be added to your phone bill. In a nutshell, you end up saving $120 per year, which is not a bad deal, especially if you are already a subscriber.

Like it or hate it, T-Mobile has been working hard to capture your business. The new program is being introduced as the mobile provider continues to improve its service and coverage. The carrier began deploying its 600 MHz LTE service last month and is slated to complete the rollout by the end of the year. It hopes to surpass Verizon and AT&T in area coverage with the lower frequency towers.

Netflix on Us will be available starting September 12.