One of the largest barriers preventing widespread adoption of fully electric vehicles is the fact that driving range is limited.

With more electric vehicles entering the roads, the demand for recharging points is only going to go up. Tesla has acknowledged that Supercharger stations are in short supply for their customers and has announced plans to bring more stations to inner-city locations.

This initiative is part of Tesla's plan to double the number of Superchargers in 2017.

Tesla will soon be introducing additional recharging points in densely populated areas starting with downtown Boston and Chicago. Shopping malls, grocery stores, and downtown regions are the primary targets for additional charging capabilities.

Tesla has created a new architecture capable of delivering 72kW of power to each car at a station which should help eliminate the issue of slower charging when all Superchargers are being used simultaneously and allow more owners to use the same station.

At stations utilizing this newer architecture, charging time of currently produced models is 45 to 50 minutes. Although use of Supercharger stations is no longer free for all customers, Tesla reiterates the fact that recharging is many times cheaper than utilizing a traditional gas station.