Following a surprise update in June, more Google Glass news has surfaced courtesy of YouTube channel 9to5Google. An unboxing video of Google Glass Enterprise edition shows off a new Glass rendition targeted at business users.

The box contains a black arm containing all of the electronics, a braided charging cable, glasses frame for holding the arm piece, and of course a user manual that few are likely to read. Google also is holding out on USB-C for Glass and opted to include a USB-A cable. However, since this is an enterprise device, that may not have been such a bad idea.

Updates to this version of Google Glass include an internal speaker, a front facing LED indicator, and dual-band 802.11ac WiFi. Presumably, the LED indicator will address one of the many privacy complaints about not knowing when Glass users are recording video or taking pictures. A reasonable 32GB of storage is included alongside an Intel Atom processor. Battery life is currently unknown, but a 780mAh battery should provide ample run time.

An unboxing does not indicate that Google Glass Enterprise is ever going to make it to mass production, but it is noteworthy that Glass is not a dead project.