As part of an initiative to build future-proof home goods, LG has announced that 87 smart home appliances - from washing machines and refrigerators to ovens and dishwashers - are now Wi-Fi enabled.

Connected appliances may seem unnecessary but LG points to convenience as the driving factor behind the trend.

Google Assistant, for example, adds remote control capabilities and status updates to several LG appliances. Asking Google Assistant how much longer your laundry is going to take or how much time is left on the oven timer are both possible. Telling your ice maker to start producing more ice and turning off your stove can also be done via voice commands. A fully equipped smart home is no longer out of reach for a number of consumers.

It is a novelty to be able to control nearly every electronic device in your house remotely but most people can live without the new gadgets. End users with limited mobility, restricted eyesight or other conditions that make everyday life difficult can greatly benefit from the ease of use and functionality of a truly intelligent home.