LG brings Google Assistant to 87 appliances: washing machines, ovens, refrigerators and...

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As part of an initiative to build future-proof home goods, LG has announced that 87 smart home appliances - from washing machines and refrigerators to ovens and dishwashers - are now Wi-Fi enabled.

Connected appliances may seem unnecessary but LG points to convenience as the driving factor behind the trend.

Google Assistant, for example, adds remote control capabilities and status updates to several LG appliances. Asking Google Assistant how much longer your laundry is going to take or how much time is left on the oven timer are both possible. Telling your ice maker to start producing more ice and turning off your stove can also be done via voice commands. A fully equipped smart home is no longer out of reach for a number of consumers.

It is a novelty to be able to control nearly every electronic device in your house remotely but most people can live without the new gadgets. End users with limited mobility, restricted eyesight or other conditions that make everyday life difficult can greatly benefit from the ease of use and functionality of a truly intelligent home.

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Future-proof??? That's a relatively recently coined and very overused fictional term dreamt up sales goons to make products sound more attractive to consumers. Nothing, absolutely nothing is future-proof. LG makes very decent home appliances in general, I've always liked whatever I've bought with the LG brand name although the addition of the Google Assistant thingy doesn't interest me in the slightest. I won't ever be using that.
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Hmmm...faster, cheaper, "low-tech" ways to handle all of the supposed conveniences this allows us:
-- My washer & dryer aren't "smart" devices, but they do have digital displays...& since they're only 1 room away it's really easy to tell whether they're running or not (because I can hear them). But if by some chance I can't manage to tell by sound whether they're running or not, since the display tells me exactly how long the total wash/dry cycles will take, all I have to do is see what time it is when I start them. And that's really easy, since I have available a) my stove, b) my microwave, c) the wall clock, d) my wrist fitness tracker (even if I do have to push a button to see the time), or e) my smartphone available to look at when I'm starting the washer/dryer (& D & E are available to look at even if the others aren't).
-- Don't have an icemaker in our freezer (although I would love one). However...had I sprung for the icemaker kit for our fridge, it would have come with that super-cheap metal bar...you know, the one that pops up when the ice tray is full, & pops back down when the ice is used, so that the icemaker knows whether to run or not.
-- I can maybe see the oven timer thing...but only because our stove timer is sometimes hard to hear over the TV. But even then, if I'm turning off the stove/oven, it's because I'm also getting the food off of/out of it so that I can eat it right then. It's not like it's an automatic cool-off when a stove/oven shuts off, the residual hit can continue cooking (& even scorch/burn) your food for minutes after it's off.

That's just to name a few appliances.

As for those with mobility or sensory issues...assuming that those individuals aren't going to have issues just using the smartphone or other device connecting to these appliances, these "features" don't actually help with the main issue: loading & unloading. For someone who has trouble moving around, their issue isn't having to check the time left on the washer/dryer...it's loading & unloading the machine in the first place. Laundry items may be individually light, but a basket full of dry clothes (let alone wet clothes that need hung up to drip-dry) is bulky & has some decent heft to it. Same with having to pull a hot pan or dish out of the oven or off the stove top. Voice commands are of zero help in that regard.
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I can imagine people getting harassed with this kind of technology. With wifi controls I heard of incidents of hackers being able to control certain tech related products. Either way I don't really like products that deal with things that have security problems, something like alexa where they spy on you...


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Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm somehow comforted by the fact that now Google can track you to every corner of your house, instead of you having to fire up your desktop to get a hold of them. :eek:(y)
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