Kalashnikov, the company named after the creator of what is perhaps the single most well-known machine gun (the AK-47), has recently released footage of their own unnamed prototype hoverbike in flight.

Though the aircraft looks less like an actual bike and more like an oversized drone, it's still a pretty impressive spectacle. Based on the video below, it seems that the vehicle is capable of flying around 10 feet above the ground.

Kalashnikov is far from the only company working on a project like this -- Kitty Hawk's Flyer and Malloy Aeronautics' Hoverbike come to mind -- but since the company primarily focuses on the development and manufacturing of weapons, seeing them work on a hoverbike comes as a bit of a surprise.

Exactly what Kalashnikov plans to use this vehicle for is unclear at the moment although it's probably safe to say that it will have some military applications down the line.

A small flying vehicle like this would be ideal for short scouting missions and lightweight supply drops, especially considering Kalashnikov's decision to go with battery power instead of traditional fuel.

According to Popular Mechanics, the hoverbike uses eight pairs of rotors for its propulsion, allowing for what appears to be vertical take off and landing (VTOL) capabilities. Unlike Colin Furze's risky homemade hoverbike project from last year, Kalashnikov's vehicle actually has controls - in the form of two small joysticks.