Rockstar last week issued a tweet indicating that they would have an announcement today regarding Red Dead Redemption 2. True to its word, the publisher delivered with a new trailer and a few additional details regarding the game’s story. Rockstar was light on specifics but the trailer supplied bits and pieces as well.

Many fans, including myself, thought that RDR2 would star John “Jack” Marston Jr. If you recall from the first game, after main character John Sr. is killed by Edgar Ross and his posse, you end up continuing as Jack in a free-roam mode.

The game will be an all-new tale. Instead of continuing with Marston, Rockstar has decided to introduce a new player character who goes by the name Arthur Morgan.

Rockstar states, “Red Dead Redemption 2 [is] the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang as they rob, fight and steal their way across the vast and rugged heart of America in order to survive.”

The video also shows us that Morgan is a real mean SOB. At one point, he tells a kid (maybe in his teens) who is watching his mother cry over his dead father’s grave, “Maybe when your mother’s finished mourning your father, I’ll keep her in black, on your behalf.”

While it seems that Morgan is a new character, it is possible that he has been around all along. After all, he is running with Dutch and his gang. Dutch was more than a friend to John Sr. He was like a surrogate father to him after he escaped from the orphanage and taught him how to be an outlaw. Morgan may have even run with Marston before the opening of Red Dead Redemption but I’m just speculating.

I guess we’ll find out the whole story when we play it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next spring.