Rockstar has been very tight-lipped about the next Red Dead Redemption. The last time we heard anything official about the upcoming western shooter was last spring when we learned it was being pushed back to 2018 (it was previously slated for a fall 2017 launch).

In what has become typical teasing for RDR2, Rockstar poked its head out on Twitter this morning to drop a cryptic tweet.

The message's font and tattered red background is vintage RDR so we know the date and time have something to do with the franchise. It will most likely be an announcement of some kind regarding the game but what that news could be is anyone's guess.

So until next week, we will have to be content with speculating. Personally, I believe a release date is the most likely information to be revealed but some on Twitter think new details of the online multiplayer mode will be announced.

Regardless of what the announcement is, any word will likely be accompanied by more screenshots or another trailer (gameplay footage, anyone?). Rockstar has been good about throwing fans a bone along with official news on development.

A petition was launched nearly a year ago asking Rockstar to bring the game to PC. It has garnered more than 58,000 signatures but thus far, the game's official website still only lists support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.