Samurai action game Nioh will be hitting the PC next month. The action-RPG title places players as an Irish samurai named William, battling against an infestation of nightmarish monsters.

Nioh was released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive back on February 7. It has since been well-received by both critics and gamers alike, but apparently Sony Interactive Entertainment only paid developer/publisher Koei Tecmo Games for 10 months of exclusivity. The game maker announced today that the title becomes available on the Steam Store beginning November 7.

The PC version is being called Nioh: Complete Edition because it comes bundled with all three DLC packages, Dragon of the North, Defiant Honour, and Bloodshed's End. The game will also start players out with access to all seven weapon types and all of the ninjutsu and onmyo spells.

Players also get access to one other "bonus." Meet the Dharmachakra Kabuto, literally translated as "the wheel of Dharma helmet."

Koei Tecmo describes the new Valve-inspired head apparel with tongue firmly planted in cheek:

"This helmet features a red-lacquered front crest of an ancient Buddhist symbol depicting the eightfold path to nirvana. This holy image represents spiritual enlightenment attained by casting off one's worldly desires, and also holds the power to banish evil. However, some claim this is not a Wheel of Dharma at all, merely a replica that looks as though it belongs on a device to regulate steam. Some have gone so far as to suggest renaming it to 'Valve Kabuto,' but why anyone would make a helmet featuring a valve is unclear."

With the extra horsepower available to most gaming PCs, many users look forward to turning up the graphics a few notches. Unfortunately, Nioh seems to be a straight port and will only have the same two graphical settings that are available on the PS4 Pro - "Action Mode," which runs at a stable 60fps, and "Movie Mode," which runs at 4K resolution at the cost frame rate stability. However, the lack of graphics options should not detract from what is already a solid and fun game.

Nioh: Complete Edition will only be available in digital format on Steam. Koei Tecmo Games has no plans to release a physical version of the game.