Intel Core i7-8700K Ultra Edition with silver IHS teased Some retailers are already offering pre-binned chips, some even come delidded. At Caseking you will also find such CPUs, but with something extra. Not only the CPU will be pre-binned up to 5.2 GHz, but it will also come delidded with new heat spreader made of 99.9% silver. This guarantees the best overclocking potential. VideoCardz

iOS 11's misleading "off-ish" setting for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is bad for user security Turning off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios when you're not using them is good security practice (not to mention good for your battery usage). When you consider Bluetooth's known vulnerabilities, it's especially important to make sure your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings are doing what you want them to. The iPhone's newest operating system, however, makes it harder for users to control these settings. EFF

Amazon is headed for the prescription-drug market, analysts say Inc. is almost certain to enter the business of selling prescription drugs by 2019, said two analysts at Leerink Partners, posing a direct threat to the U.S.'s biggest brick-and-mortar drugstore chains. "It's a matter of when, not if," Leerink Partners analyst David Larsen said in a report to clients late Thursday. "We expect an announcement within the next 1-2 years." Bloomberg

Asphalt-lithium metal batteries fully charge in five minutes As useful and ubiquitous as they are, lithium-ion batteries are nearing their limits, and it's unlikely we'll be able to squeeze much more juice out of them. Variations like lithium-air and lithium metal batteries are in the works to possibly replace them, and now researchers at Rice University have improved the latter with the help of an unlikely ingredient. New Atlas

RIAA identifies top YouTube MP3 rippers and other pirate sites Around the same time as Hollywood's MPAA, the RIAA has also submitted its overview of "notorious markets" to the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR). These submissions help to guide the U.S. Government's position toward foreign countries when it comes to copyright enforcement. TorrentFreak

Micro-LED explained: The next-gen display technology While OLED technology is currently enjoying its time in the spotlight, display innovators are already turning their attention to the next big technological shift - micro-LED. Major product companies, including Samsung, Apple, and Facebook's Oculus, are already looking at this technology for future products, and various manufacturing and research companies are stocking up on patents. Android Authority

Browsers will store credit card details similar to how they save passwords A new W3C standard is slowly creeping into current browser implementations, a standard that will simplify the way people make payments online. Called the Payment Request API, this new standard relies on users entering and storing payment card details inside browsers, just like they currently do with passwords. Bleeping Computer

Strategies for offline PGP key storage While the adoption of OpenPGP by the general population is marginal at best, it is a critical component for the security community and particularly for Linux distributions. For example, every package uploaded into Debian is verified by the central repository using the maintainer's OpenPGP keys and the repository itself is, in turn, signed using a separate key.

Update on Firefox support for Windows XP and Vista Last year we announced that Windows XP and Vista users would be automatically moved to the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR), ensuring them continued updates until at least September, 2017. Today we are announcing June 2018 as the final end of life date for Firefox support on Windows XP and Vista. Mozilla

The best controller for PC gaming The mouse and keyboard will always be our first choice for playing games on PC. But some games are better suited to a controller, and as more and more console games make their way to the PC, it makes sense to have a great controller on-hand. But what controller works best on the PC? PC Gamer

Why Intel built a neuromorphic chip Intel has made several acquisitions and revamped its roadmap for deep learning. The new portfolio extends from Knights Mill and Lake Crest (Nervana) for training neural networks to Xeons, Altera FPGAs and Movidius vision processors for running these models. (I wrote about several of these in a post last week.) ZDNet

Honda unveils prototype E2-DR disaster response robot Two years ago at IROS 2015 in Germany, Honda R&D presented a paper on an experimental new humanoid robot designed for disaster response. This wasn't entirely surprising, since we'd guessed that Honda had started working on a humanoid designed to be more robust, and practical, than Asimo after the Fukushima disaster. IEEE Spectrum

'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia Justin Rosenstein had tweaked his laptop's operating system to block Reddit, banned himself from Snapchat, which he compares to heroin, and imposed limits on his use of Facebook. But even that wasn't enough. In August, the 34-year-old tech executive took a more radical step to restrict his use of social media and other addictive technologies. The Guardian

ErythroMer blood substitute ErythroMer is a novel blood substitute composed of a patented nanobialys nanoparticle. It is developed by a team of Washington University and UIUC faculty led by Dr. Allan Doctor, Director of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. Existing blood substitutes under development often trap nitric oxide unintentionally and fail to release oxygen in a context-specific manner. Washington University

New DARPA radar sensor captures video through clouds A new radar sensor that can capture real-time video through clouds has been developed and demonstrated by the U.S. military. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, said the sensor is part of its Video Synthetic Aperture Radar, or ViSAR, program that recently completed flight testing. UPI

Paul S. Otellini, 1950 - 2017 Intel Corporation today announced that the company's former CEO Paul Otellini passed away in his sleep Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, at the age of 66. Paul Otellini became Intel's fifth chief executive officer in 2005. Under his leadership the company made important strategic, technological and financial gains. Intel

CIA looks everywhere for tech innovation In an interview with "Government Matters" at the Intelligence and National Security Summit, Dawn Meyerriecks, the CIA's deputy director for science and technology, discussed why innovation is important to our future and where the agency is searching for such innovation. WashingtonExec

The highs and lows of PlayStation Vita Released five and a half years ago, the story of the PlayStation Vita's life is one of optimistic hopes and tragic shortfalls. Initially pitched as an ultra-powerful next-gen handheld, for many owners it ended its life as an indie-game machine, with the odd Japanese visual novel thrown in. Kotaku

Boeing-backed, hybrid-electric commuter plane to hit market in 2022 A Seattle-area startup, backed by the venture capital arms of Boeing Co (BA.N) and JetBlue Airways Corp (JBLU.O) announced plans on Thursday to bring a small hybrid-electric commuter aircraft to market by 2022. Reuters

Who owns Arduino? Who owns Arduino? We don't mean metaphorically --- we'd say that's the community of users and developers who've all contributed to this amazing hardware/software ecosystem. We mean literally. Whose chips are on the table? Whose money talks? It looks like ARM could have a stake! Hackaday