Portable tracking devices that can be attached to a multitude of objects certainly aren't new, but Samsung is launching the first of these products that uses narrowband technology (NB-IoT, Cat.M1), a cellular communication standard used for securely connecting low-power Internet of Things devices.

The Samsung Connect Tag works with GPS, Wi-Fi based positioning (WPS), and cell towers to provide accurate indoor and outdoor location information. It can be attached to easily misplaced objects such as keys but it's likely that most buyers will use it with dog collars to keep track of beloved pets, or in children's backpacks for monitoring their positions via a smartphone (looks like it's currently only on Android).

As one of the main benefits of NB-IoT is its greater power efficiency, the Connect Tag can go a whole week without needing a recharge, according to Samsung. It measures just 1.19cms (0.47 inches) thick and 4.21cm (1.66 inches) wide, which means it can be easily clipped onto objects using the included carabiner. It also features an accelerometer and a 3-color status LED.

The Tag is tied to the SmartThings ecosystem and supports geo-fencing features, so it works alongside a user's smart home appliances. It can, for example, be used to turn on the lights or TV once a wearer gets home, or to send a notification when a child enters a schoolyard or a dog wanders beyond the garden fence.

The Connect Tag will be available in South Korea first before arriving in other locations over the coming months. No word yet on how much it will cost.