IO Interactive on Tuesday announced a new entry in the popular Hitman franchise. Hitman: Game of the Year edition will consist of the base game as well as all of the content released in Season One.

Buyers will also get a bonus campaign called “Patient Zero” featuring four missions that take place in reworked versions of existing areas, each with new gameplay opportunities, characters, disguises, gameplay mechanics, challenges, HUD elements and AI behavior.

Niels Bye Nielsen, the composer for Season One, has again been tapped to produce a custom soundtrack for the new campaign.

Other new content includes clown, raven and cowboy suits with matching, themed weapons and three themed escalation contracts.

The Hitman franchise looked to be in trouble earlier this year when it was revealed that Square Enix was planning to sell the Danish developer. In a note to investors at the time, the company warned of losses totaling $43 million due to the planned sale.

A month later, IO Interactive orchestrated a management buyout, essentially buying itself from Square Enix to once again become an independent developer. It was able to retain the rights to the Hitman series in the process - great news for fans of the franchise.

Hitman: Game of the Year edition launches digitally on November 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC priced at $60. Those who already own Season One can pick up the GOTY upgrades for just $20.

Additionally, IO Interactive on November 7 will release a free patch for the base game featuring a redesigned UI with a new color scheme and visual style, new contract mode features, lighting improvements across all missions, an in-game commemorative coin for unlocking elusive targets, native 4K support on Xbox One (plus a higher framerate), Tobii eye tracking support for PC and a host of various bug fixes.

Full details on the update are expected soon.