Word got out earlier this month that Microsoft was working on a modern version of a fan-favorite, the Microsoft IntelliMouse. Details were limited at the time but now that it has officially launched on the Microsoft Store, we've got the skinny on the new pointer.

Inspired by the IntelliMouse 3.0, the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse packs many of the features that fans loved about the original including customizable buttons, a wired USB connection and a classic ergonomic look and feel.

According to the device's tech specs, it features a fixed imaging rate of 3,000 frames per second, an X-Y resolution of up to 3,200 points per inch and a tracking speed of up to 40 inches per second with a polling rate of up to 1,000.

That pales in comparison to a modern, high-end gaming mouse like the Razer Basilisk but that's not really Microsoft's intent or target audience with this pointer (it's also much more affordable, but we'll get to that in a moment).

The rodent also utilizes Microsoft BlueTrack Technology for improved tracking (it can track on glass, for example, much like Logitech's Darkfield system). The five-button mouse (two standard click buttons, two side buttons and a clickable / tilting scroll wheel) is officially compatible with Windows 7 and newer MS operating systems.

Microsoft's Classic IntelliMouse is available as of writing and can be yours for $39.99 (or $35.99 with a student discount). If you're looking for a blast from the past with a bit of modern flare at an affordable price, this could be worth a look.