Samsung's artistic Frame TV was initially released back in June with a pretty hefty price tag. The cheapest 55-inch option comes in at $1,999 while the larger 65-inch Frame will run you about $2,799 at the moment.

However, at IFA 2017 in August, the electronics company announced a new 43-inch entry into their 4K Frame TV lineup with a significantly lower price tag than its larger predecessors.

Today, it's finally available for purchase. The 43-inch Frame TV will cost you about $1,299, or $54.17/month if you opt for Samsung's special financing. Additionally, if you don't care for the Frame's standard black bezel, Samsung will let you select from a few other color and texture options for an extra $180. That might be a tough sell for some given the Frame's high base cost.

The biggest draw for many potential Frame TV purchasers will likely be the device's ability to double as a personal art show. The Frame will flip through around 100 pre-loaded pieces of digital artwork whenever it isn't actively being used. If you're not a fan of Samsung's chosen art lineup, you can add to the rotation with art purchased from the Samsung Art Store or replace it entirely with your own personal photos.

Speaking of Samsung's Art Store, Frame owners can either buy individual pieces of art from the store for around $20 each or opt for a $5/month Art Store subscription. This subscription will grant you access to Samsung's entire collection of artwork for however long you remain an active subscriber.

If you want to grab a 43-inch Frame for yourself, you can visit Samsung's official website or stop by your local electronics retailer of choice.