Samsung at IFA Berlin recently announced a 43-inch version of their Frame TV. Additionally, 55-inch and 65-inch Q8F models were unveiled to offer flat versions of the existing curved Q8 QLED TVs.

The standout feature of the Frame TV is that it is meant to double as a conversation piece, left on to display artwork when not actively in use.

Partnerships with Prado, Saatchi Art, Sedition and LUMAS provide a fairly substantial collection of art to showcase. Users also have the option of choosing their own photos to include in a rotation. A smaller size closer to regular picture frames should make it easier to integrate the Frame into home and office decor.

Samsung's Q8F models are filling an important gap in the range of top tier QLED TVs. Sang-ho Cho, vice president of Samsung's visual display business, declared, "We are proud to introduce a flat version of the Q8 in response to demand from European consumers seeking premium, flat and mid-size TVs."

The 55-inch Q8F model is now Samsung's most luxurious option available without a curved display for its size.

Pricing and availability for the 43-inch Frame isn't yet known but rest assured it will come at a premium. The 55-inch model currently sells for $1,999.99 and the 65-inch Frame will set you back $2,799.99. The Q8F models are likely to have pricing similar to their curved counterparts, ranging from $2,300 to $3,500.

Second image courtesy Ole Henrik Johansen,