Over a month and a half after Apple officially unveiled it, the iPhone X finally launches today. But it seems some people just don't want to wait in line, or pay, for the handsets. Yesterday, three men made off with 313 of the devices after breaking into a UPS truck.

The iPhone Xs were being delivered to an Apple store in San Francisco. After the UPS driver had parked outside the Stonestown Galleria mall and locked the cargo area, a janitor spotted some "husky," hoodie-wearing males moving the boxes from the truck into a Dodge van. He even managed to take a photo of the incident, which happened sometime between 11:15 am and 11:30 am PT, reports CNET.

"It's suspicious they were able to get that large a haul on that day," he said.

The iPhone X's famously high price---starting a $999---means the total value of the stolen goods is estimated to be over $370,000. The thieves still haven't been apprehended.

The store has assured people who were planning to pick up pre-ordered iPhone Xs that they will still get their handsets on time.

Many who missed out on early iPhone X pre-orders have turned to eBay scalpers as a way of getting a device today. The handsets are averaging around $1500 on the auction site, with the highest listing coming in at $60,000.

The majority of early iPhone X reviews have been positive. Apple says it will be available in limited quantities for walk-in customers, so expect to see a better turnout than the muted iPhone 8 launch.