Microsoft's "most powerful console ever," the Xbox One X, finally got its worldwide release last week. Despite a few caveats, early reviews are mostly positive and it's selling well. In the UK, the machine has sold 80,000 units during its first week after release, putting it ahead of the rival PlayStation 4 Pro. reports that the Xbox One X is quite a way ahead of Sony's competitor, which sold just over 50,000 units in the first week after launch back in November 2016. It took the PlayStation 4 Pro a total of four weeks to reach the Xbox One X's current figure of 80,000 sales.

The Xbox One X has sold around the same number of Switch consoles that were snapped up back when the hybrid console launched in March, though it's been pointed out that both this machine and the PS4 Pro experienced stock shortages that will have affected their sales performance.

Most of the Xbox One X consoles sold in the first week were the 'Project Scorpio' special editions. The Scorpio branding, which was the console's codename before Microsoft unveiled the real name at E3, appears on the console and controller in this version.

Microsoft will no doubt be pleased with the numbers. It will always be happy to beat its big rival, and the dearth of launch titles coupled with the fact that the Xbox One X is even more expensive in the UK (as is pretty much everything) make the sales figures extra impressive.

At the start of the month, Microsoft revealed that, unlike the PlayStation 4 Pro, the Xbox One X natively supports 1440p monitors.