For smaller third-parties interested in cashing in on data from Twitter, the process is about to become a whole lot cheaper. In the past, Twitter has offered a free tier and enterprise tier for API access. Groups that required somewhere in between free, light use and extremely expensive, resource-demanding services were previously left with no options.

Now, Twitter has launched what it is calling Twitter premium APIs. The new set of APIs affords greater access to make automated requests to the Twitter platform. Higher rate limits for requests and more complex queries are supported in this new mid-tier option. Access to more metadata and improved geographic location information could prove useful to advertisers.

Depending upon the needs of an individual or business, pricing starts at $149 a month and ramps up to $2,499 per month for the new premium APIs. The Search Tweets API is now in public beta, granting developers the ability to collect Twitter data over the last 30 days. Eventually, the service will allow queries against all data stored by Twitter since its inception.

Twitter has had a rocky relationship with developers in the past after restricting API usage, causing several businesses to shut down their own apps. Granting developers easier access to manage their own API use and providing more capabilities without restrictively high costs may help gain back old developers or introduce new ones to the platform.