Smart home accessory maker Ring channeled its inner Vertu on Wednesday with the announcement of the Ring Elite Crown Jewel.

As the name suggests, this is a luxury offering of the highest caliber. The unit, based on Ring's $499 Video Doorbell Elite, was designed by international fine jewelry specialist Bijan and features an 18K gold faceplate, 2,077 blue sapphires (33.2 carats) and 43 white diamonds (.56 carats). It sells for $100,000.

What person in their right mind would drop $100K on a jewel-encrusted doorbell (something that sits outside your door just waiting to be stolen)? Good question.

Before you go bashing the idea too hard, it's worth noting that Ring is donating all proceeds from the sale of the doorbell to charity.

Only 10 examples are being made and they'll be available exclusively via Selfridges, a high-end department store in the UK.

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