Google has rolled out a new software update designed to boost the accuracy of battery life estimates on Pixel smartphones.

Up to this point, Pixel phones would estimate battery loss using a rather simple formula. If you have sipped around 10 percent of your battery life per hour over the past few hours, for example, the phone would assume that the next hour of usage will be similar - another 10 percent.

Needless to say, that's not a very accurate assessment.

With the new update, Pixel phones will analyze battery usage from similar days and times and use that information to predict battery life.

In theory, this seems like a much more accurate method. After all, we are creatures of habit. It's much more likely that your phone usage on a Thursday at noon will mirror your usage from earlier Thursdays at noon (you're probably looking to entertain yourself during your lunch break).

Those interested in checking out the revised predictions can head to the Settings menu on a Pixel device and check under the Battery section. Here, you'll find an estimate of what percentage of battery you have left and how many hours the phone will last. Optionally, you can tap on Battery then the big battery icon for an estimate represented graphically over time.

Google's recent launch of the Pixel 2 series (and especially the Pixel 2 XL) has been marred by multiple technical issues. Fortunately, the company hasn't turned a blind eye and is working to get the various glitches ironed out in a timely manner.

The search giant has also extended the warranty period of the handset from one year to two. Adding new features like improved battery life estimates shows that Google is committed to improving aspects of the Pixel that aren't necessarily broken, resulting in a product that's more attractive as a whole.