It's hard to argue that Cuphead, the 2D shooter/run-and-gun/bullet-hell game that arrived in September isn't excellent. The addictive nature and 1930's cartoon aesthetic is so good that StudioMDHR's title made it onto our 'Best PC Games You Should be Playing' list. One thing that may put people off, though, is the legendary difficulty: Cuphead can be the put-your-fist-through-your-monitor kind of hard.

While the styles and genres couldn't be further apart, Cuphead's vertical learning curve means it's often compared to that famous hardcore franchise: Dark Souls. But have you ever wondered what an amalgamation of the two games would look like? Thanks to this awesome video from YouTube channel 64 Bits, now we know.

"We just love Cuphead (and Dark Souls!) So we animated you this mashup!," tweeted 64 Bits.

The clip, which is called 'Cupsouls,' aptly, blends some of the famous bosses and gothic environments from the Souls games with Cuphead's cheery music and animation. It also replaces protagonists Cuphead and Mugman with Solaire of Astora and Oscar, Knight of Astora.

Some highlights include the skeleton ball that appears in the Catacombs of Carthus in Dark Souls 3, as well as the colossal skeleton, High Lord Wolnir. And it wouldn't be Dark Souls without those famous 'You Died' words plastered over the screen, which still conjure feelings of anger and disappointment whenever I see them.

What's brilliant about this mashup, in addition to the excellent job the creators have done in blending the two titles, is that it looks like it could be a really great game. It's certainly something I'd play, though I'd doubtlessly never be able to finish the first level.