Snapchat is bolstering its existing collection of smart filters with new variants that provide contextually relevant suggestions based on the content in your photo.

The new filters, first reported by Mashable and confirmed via Snap spokesperson, started rolling out to users last week. They will automatically appear in a user's carousel of filters after a photo has been captured with a related theme. The spokesperson said the new filters are currently capable of recognizing things like pets, sports and food as well as settings such as a beach or a concert.

Existing "smart filters" that add things like the time or temperature have been made into stickers and moved to the creative tool bar.

The bigger story here is the impact the filters can have on Snapchat and its advertising business. Brands, for example, can pay to sponsor filters. With the image recognition technology, contextual filters could serve as paid ads, appearing as options for relevant products or services.

In 2015, Snap filed a patent for an ad system that used object recognition technology to serve relevant filters. This latest development sounds like it slots into that category.

Bigger changes are inbound for Snapchat users. CEO Evan Spiegel said during the company's most recent earnings call that his team is working on a major app overhaul that'll ultimately make it easier to use. Redesigns aren't loved by everyone, however, meaning it's plausible that Snap will receive some pushback from the community once the new look arrives.

Screenshots courtesy Mashable