We're surrounded everywhere by screens, with many owning a smartphone, laptop, desktop, and a TV. It seems that the most common resolution today is 1920x1080, but 2K (1440p), and 4K are gaining in popularity. There have even been a few ultra high resolution 8K units floating around the market.

Some smartphones, especially iPhones, also have non-standard resolutions. Competitive gamers may downscale their display resolution to get better performance while others are looking for the absolute best image quality.

This week we're looking at what resolution you use on your devices. So with that, are you happy with a regular old 1080p monitor or have you upgraded to something better? Do you even know what resolution your phone is? If not, do you even care and think it matters or do you just assume it's good enough?

Personally, my phone and laptop is regular old 1080p. I have a 1080p high refresh rate monitor for gaming and normal use as well as another 1440p monitor for content consumption.