Since the early days when Netflix was still a DVDs by mail business, binge watching was a lot more difficult as you could only have a few discs at a time. Getting up to go swap DVDs also meant that there was a designated time to get up and go do something else. Those days are long gone, replaced by the ability to automatically play the next episode in a series without needing to do anything but sit there and keep watching.

Throughout 2017, Netflix users collectively watched over 140 million hours of their favorite shows each and every day. In total, over 50 billion hours were watched in a one-year span and the average user watched around 60 movies. If you had to guess which country has the most daily watchers, you might guess the United States or a major European country. In either case, you would be wrong: Mexico has had the most people who watch Netflix daily.

As a reminder to let users know that Netflix actively tracks viewing habits, the company noted that one user had Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl streaming daily for an entire year. Another user managed to binge watch their way through Shameless while in Antarctica causing Netflix to make an excellent (or rather awful) reference to "Netflix and chill." Breaking down the most watched shows into four categories reveals different ways that Netflix subscribers like to watch shows. Comparing savored, binge watched, family watched series, and shows that made users skip ahead offers insight into viewing habits.

Netflix has kindly provided an infographic for your viewing pleasure to see where all of your favorites series fall into place. Let us know where your favorite series line up compared to the top ten in each category.