Jumping is among the most fundamental moves in a Mario game. In the original Super Mario Bros., for example, learning how to jump is imperative if you want to advance past the game's very first enemy.

Indeed, it's difficult to imagine gaining any meaningful progress in a Mario platformer without jumping but that's exactly what one YouTuber has managed to accomplish in Nintendo's latest franchise entry... well, technically.

As "Gamechamp3000" explains in the clip above (minor spoilers), Super Mario Odyssey contains an in-game jump counter that's accessible upon completion. Through trial and error, the YouTuber determined that technically, only jumps performed by Mario himself are tallied as true jumps.

This means that any action you perform as a capture target (taking over an enemy using Cappy) doesn't increment the jump counter and therefore isn't technically a jump. In fact, the only movements from Mario's perspective that will increment the counter are jumps, double jumps, triple jumps, backflips, sideflips, long jumps, ground pound jumps, water jumps and 2D jumps.

Notably, you can also use jump functions mid-air and in the water. Basically, as long as you don't press the jump button while at ground level, you are safe.

Even with the technicalities, completing Super Mario Odyssey without jumping is no easy task (nor is listening to the video's annoying commentary). Nevertheless, it is possible, and that's rather mind-boggling.

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