Reddit on Monday added several new features to its official Android and iOS apps, making it more convenient than ever for both users and moderators to get things done on mobile.

The improvements, Reddit says, were prioritized based on community feedback. At the top of that list was giving mods the tools they need to help their communities flourish. The new mod mode, for example, allows mods to approve, remove or flag content as spam while mod queue helps tackle bulk actions.

Other new mod-focused additions include modmail2 access and the ability to add or remove approved submitters.

As others have highlighted, ideas for some of the new features were seemingly lifted from third-party Reddit clients. The new Theater Mode, for example, is very similar to a flagship feature in the Apollo app that launched earlier this year.

On iOS, users can now select Safari as their in-app browser of choice rather than having to use Reddit's native in-app browser. Apple users now also have access to live commenting, providing them with a more real-time experience, and a new chat feature. Android users, meanwhile, now also have access to the speed read button that launched with the iOS app, allowing them to quickly skim top-level comments in any given thread.

The feature-packed update further emphasizes a post's creator, Cake Days, trophy cases and more.

Reddit earlier this year raised $200 million in venture funding, valuing the company at approximately $1.8 billion. Reddit said at the time that it would be using the new money to redesign its website and bolster its video efforts. Shortly after, Reddit launched native video hosting.