Fans of Red Dead Redemption have been chomping at the bit for the sequel to be released. Rockstar thus far has been tight-lipped regarding details of the game including the timing of its launch, only slipping us tidbits and trailers here and there. However, an online retailer in Denmark may have just spilled the beans.

According to a product page at Coolshop, that as of this writing is still in place, Red Dead Redemption 2 will launch on June 8, 2018. The last official word came at the end of the second trailer back in September. At that time, the game was slated for a spring 2018 release window.

You might recall that RDR2 was initially supposed to be out in the fall of this year. However, back in May, Rockstar stated that it needed more time to put the polish to the game and postponed the launch until next spring.

June 8 is still in the spring (albeit at the very end of the season) so Red Dead Redemption 2 wouldn't technically miss its proposed release window. Personally, I’m all for developers taking their time to get it right rather than rushing to meet deadlines.

Keep in mind that this launch date has not been officially announced or confirmed by Rockstar. The product page may just be a placeholder with an estimated date set as a template. So, for now, treat it as a rumor.