Toshiba's new Symbio smart speaker could be considered the jack of all trades of the smart home world. Symbio offers "six smart home functions in one easy-to-use device" including Alexa voice control, smart home hub features, smart sound detection, an intercom, a built-in security camera and smart speaker functionality.

Though a jack of all trades is usually a master of none, Symbio's feature set appears to be fairly robust. The 1080p HD security camera can stream live video to the Toshiba Smart Home app at any time (while recording video history for later review), the built-in intercom enables two-way communication between you and your family and Symbio's Alexa integration allows for pretty comprehensive smart home control.

In addition to viewing security camera footage, the Toshiba Smart Home app will allow you to control all of your connected smart home devices remotely without the need to directly access Symbio's smart home hub functionality. You'll be able to activate smart door locks, tweak your home's lighting and adjust the temperature while you're out and about.

All of these features don't come cheap, though, as Symbio is currently available on Amazon with a $250 price tag, making it one of the more expensive smart home devices on the market.

"Symbio is a tremendous addition to our growing portfolio of Toshiba Visual Solutions consumer smart home products, which includes our smart TVs with voice search and home appliance control services," said Mineo Maruyama, Vice President of Toshiba. "By integrating the latest IoT technologies, such as AI, audio technologies and voice recognition, we will continue to expand the functionality of today's smart homes while providing easy, useful and personalized services to support this evolution in the future."