Smartphones are equipped with image sensors capable of breathtaking still shots that are now nearly indistinguishable from those taken on expensive DSLR cameras. Capturing video on a smartphone is easy to do but holding a phone steady is difficult without the aid of a gimbal.

DJI has drastically improved their Osmo Mobile smartphone stabilization mount with a second generation. The Osmo Mobile 2 can help you create smooth shots so subjects remain in focus no matter how rough the outside environment is. Using built-in motion tracking and a brushless motor, the Osmo Mobile 2 will keep any smartphone steady.

Video equipment can be costly and all the odds and ends tend to add up quickly. Fortunately, DJI has reduced pricing significantly. The original Osmo Mobile held an original MSRP of $299 but was later reduced to $199. The newer Osmo Mobile 2 commands just $129.

Battery life is also significantly improved over the previous generation. You can now expect up to 15 hours of battery life instead of the abysmal three to four hours. Another benefit is that the gimbal battery can be used to charge up an attached smartphone. The 18Wh battery found inside the gimbal will easily keep even the most power hungry phones alive for a few more hours to finish filming.

Osmo Mobile 2 will be available exclusively from Apple beginning January 23 before launching directly from DJI and authorized retailers in February.