It seems that HP has finally decided to join the ranks of Nvidia, Blade and Valve with their upcoming game streaming app - "Omen Game Stream."

For those who don't know, game streaming services typically allow a user to play more demanding titles on higher settings without direct access to the PC powering the experience. Subscription-based services usually accomplish this feat by giving users access to a top-tier gaming PC's strength via the Internet. As long as you have a strong connection, there's usually little to no noticeable difference between player input and on-screen output.

Game Stream will function a bit differently compared to similar options out there, however. For one, this isn't a subscription-based service like what Blade will soon offer with their Shadow program. Instead, you'll actually need to own an Omen rig in order to access the Game Stream app (the app is strictly intended to give you access to your games when you're away from your main PC, not to serve as your go-to gaming option at home).

To make all of this possible, HP will be taking advantage of Parsec's streaming technology. This partnership will allow users with high-speed wired Internet connections to run demanding games at up to 1080p and 60 FPS, depending on what their Omen PC can handle. Users who opt to connect via a wireless connection will have their gaming resolution downgraded to 720p.