CES is one of the largest trade shows in the world. Every January, companies unveil their vision for the future of technology and some of these can be pretty... interesting. This year is no different where we've seen plenty of self-driving cars, a new electric car, and several gigantic displays from Samsung, Nvidia, and LG.

However, my favorite product from CES was probably Razer's Project Linda.

The whole "using a smartphone to power a laptop" concept isn't new. HP, Microsoft, and Asus have all tried to varying degrees of failure. Regardless, I think Razer's attempt is probably the best implementation.

I love the concept of being able to simply plop my phone into a laptop and use it to simultaneously power the laptop and use it as a trackpad. Project Linda may never arrive to market, but with the increasing power of smartphones, I can definitely imagine a world where we no longer buy ultrabooks or even Chromebooks. We simply buy a smartphone and a laptop "case". Now we just need to get to a point where mobile operating systems are as capable as desktops.

That leads to this Weekend Open Forum: What was your favorite CES product or announcement and do you think it has any chance of coming to market?