One of the many joys of moving out of an apartment and into my own home was being able to revive my home entertainment system. You see, I foolishly purchased a receiver, two bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer right after college but immediately received noise complaints when I tried to use the system. The only workaround was to turn the bass all the way down and disconnect the sub which sat in the closet for nearly a decade.

The fully assembled system is more than capable although after seeing Sennheiser's new Ambeo 3D Soundbar at CES this week, I suddenly feel the upgrade bug creeping in.

As the name suggests, Sennheiser's new soundbar features the company's Ambeo 3D audio technology (virtual surround sound). It features a whopping 13 speakers - six four-inch woofers, five tweeters and two top-mounted speakers - that bounce audio off the walls and fine-tune the experience for believable surround sound.

The soundbar will have the option to add a sub but according to first-hand reports, it's really not needed. Sennheiser says the system will include three HDMI inputs, one HDMI output and inputs for both analog and optical. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will play a role in wireless connectivity, we're told. Personally, it just looks badass and I'd love to own it.

Sennheiser isn't yet discussing pricing or availability although hopefully, audiophiles won't have to wait much longer for those details.

Lead image via Digital Trends, follow-up courtesy Gizmodo