Until recently, the mobile gaming market had largely been dominated by Nintendo and PlayStation's handheld consoles, the DS and Vita respectively. Though these devices certainly have their place in the industry, they've never been touted as the best way to run the latest games, given their hardware and small size.

However, with the release of the Nvidia Shield and the Nintendo Switch, it's clear that handheld consoles don't necessarily have to be restricted to running only less-demanding, console-exclusive titles. The Switch alone has recently seen ports of both Doom and Skyrim, with a Wolfenstein II port expected to launch sometime this year.

Aside from major industry players, smaller companies are also breaking into the handheld gaming market. China-based GPD is one such example, with the goal of launching a handheld that can pack the power of a gaming laptop into a device roughly the size of a Nintendo DS. The device, dubbed the "GPD Win 2," is currently being crowdfunded via Indiegogo. As of writing, the device has raised $933,437 of its initial, less ambitious $100,000 goal.

As far as specs go, the Win 2 will run on Windows 10 with "6-8 hours of battery life" and a 6" 1280x720p display. It will also have 8GB of RAM, a 128GB "replaceable" SSD and an Intel HD 615 GPU. The campaign page claims that the device will be capable of running GTA V on maximum settings at 38fps, Skyrim with an average of 53fps and Overwatch at 80 FPS. Though these numbers may seem to be aiming a bit high for a portable console, YouTuber "The Phawx" has largely confirmed them by testing out a prototype Win 2 across a number of different games.

If you want to grab a Win 2 for yourself, you can pre-order the device via its Indiegogo campaign page for $649 - an apparent discount from its regular $899 price. GPD hopes to ship out their first Win 2 devices sometime in May 2018.