PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has seen massive growth over the past few months but that hasn't been without growing pains. The game has been plagued by performance and optimization issues. As the dev team focuses on these, this has left more room for cheaters to exploit the game. In their latest community post, PUBG Corp has made it clear that banning cheaters is still one of their top priorities.

The dev team has been combing through gameplay data for 10 million players and has since discovered a new pattern of irregular behavior by certain players. This amounts to over 100,000 instances of cheating and PUBG has confirmed that these players were indeed trying to compromise the game. As a result, PUBG Corp has said that "these players will be permanently banned in a single wave." Although this is a large number, it still only amounts to less than one percent of all PUBG players.

Stopping cheaters is important but as long as there are competitive games, there will be people trying to gain an unfair advantage (and software developers happy to take their money). To address this root cause, the developers have been working directly with foreign governments to take legal action against cheat makers and distributors.

The system isn't perfect. There is still a bug in the deathcam that makes it appear as though a player has external recoil reduction when in fact they are playing legitimately. PUBG Corp will also be addressing this very soon.

Additionally, the game will also be getting gameplay updates to the blue zone. This includes decreasing the waiting time of the blue zones towards the end of a match, decreasing the speed at which the blue zones shrink and increasing the damage in the last blue zone.