One of my favorite genres of video game is the RPG. The reason that I like role-playing games so much is because of the variety of ways you can play them. Ironically, I almost always gravitate to one particular play style --- stealth. It is also probably why I'm fond of sneaky RPGs like Styx.

Whether it is The Elder Scrolls, Fallout or some other RPG, I nearly always choose to create the sneaky thief as opposed to the mighty warrior or badass commando (at least on my first playthrough).

I love sneaking an underpowered character through a base or dungeon without getting spotted. I love the toe-curling intensity I feel as I sneak up behind a foe for a stealth kill.

What is your favorite character or approach to take in RPGs or other games that allow for a flexible play style? What is your favorite game (RPG or otherwise) to exercise that type of approach? Mine is Skyrim although Fallout 4 holds a close second.