When it comes to building a PC from scratch, many people have their own preferred way of putting systems together---like the order in which they install components. Methods of applying thermal paste can also vary, but if you want to see a technique you should avoid, check out the video above.

As reported by PC Gamer, the clip, which is a few years old, is actually an instructional video from MSI on how to (or not to, it seems) apply thermal paste on an AMD AM1 APU.

While some prefer to add a near pea-sized dot of paste to the center of the CPU, make some lines, or draw an X shape, the person in the video seems happy to plop a huge glob of the stuff onto the processor like they're squeezing a liberal amount of toothpaste onto a brush.

The instructor then uses a plastic card to try and give the paste a more even spread; a method that was recommended a few years ago but few people seem to use these days. Sadly, this only makes things worse as a chunk of it falls off the processor and onto the motherboard. After some more butter-like spreading with the card, the process is finished.

The video was shared around the internet when it was originally posted a while back. YouTuber iAxX saved it along with a couple of others from MSI that show slightly less shoddy ways of applying paste. If you missed them the first time round, check out this channel.