Google has updated its Flights service with a couple of new features, one of which is related to the nightmare that is flight delays. Not only will it tell the reason why you’ll be waiting hours before getting on a plane, but it can also predict which flights are likely to be delayed before the airlines announce them.

Google Flight makes these predictions by combining historical flight data with its machine learning system. If it’s at least 80 percent confident that a flight will be delayed, it will be flagged. The tech giant suggests people still turn up on time as there’s always the chance it could be wrong, so it doesn’t sound all that useful. But at least you’ll be prepared for a long wait, and might not feel as disappointed/angry when the delay is officially announced.

The other part of the update shows which amenities are missing from “Basic Economy” fares available on flights from American, Delta, and United. It’s not always made clear what passengers don’t get with these budget tickets, such as seat selection and whether carry-on bags are allowed, but the new Google Flights feature lists all the services you’ll miss out on, letting you decide whether the extra savings are really worth it.

Google Flights launched in September 2011 after the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division approved Google’s $700 million acquisition of ITA. It allows users to search for flights using criteria such as times and budgets, rather than just destinations. Check it out here.