House of Cards has been the subject of quite a bit of indirect controversy lately in the wake of numerous allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against lead actor Kevin Spacey. Naturally, Netflix was quick to distance itself from the actor, leaving the show's future hanging in the balance.

Sources close to Netflix later reportedly hinted at the possibility of the show returning to finish its final season, albeit shorter than initially planned and without Kevin Spacey's character, Frank Underwood.

While this information was merely a rumor at the time, Netflix has now confirmed it, in part. While production on House of Cards' sixth and final season has resumed as of today and the show will indeed be shifting its focus to Robin Wright, it's not clear what will happen to Spacey's character within the story, nor has Netflix confirmed a shorter-than-usual final season.

At any rate, Netflix also announced that Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane will be joining the show, though the company has not revealed what characters the pair will be playing. Netflix hasn't announced a release date for the final season just yet.