Tesla is looking to make clean, efficient energy more accessible than ever. Previously, you could only buy the company's solar panels and massive Powerwall battery packs through their website but that's about to change.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the tech company will soon be bringing solar panels and Powerwalls to 800 Home Depot locations across the US. This would be the first time Tesla has collaborated with a major US retail chain to sell their products.

The company isn't going to leave control entirely in the hands of Home Depot. Instead of simply throwing their products on store shelves, Tesla will reportedly be selling their tech at designated "Tesla-branded selling spaces" in Home Depots. These areas will be manned by official Tesla staff trained to address customer questions and concerns.

That said, wider availability does not equal affordability. There's no denying that Tesla's solar panels and Powerwalls are pricey pieces of tech. According to Bloomberg, the average cost of a solar panel system from Tesla is $10,000 to $25,000 with Powerwalls costing $7,000 each.

For an entire roof made of solar panels, Tesla's appropriately named "Solar Roof" technology will also be hitting the market – though not necessarily Home Depot – for $52,000 on average.

Unfortunately, Tesla hasn't announced when this upcoming retail product rollout might occur so don't expect to see Powerwalls lining the shelves of your local Home Depot anytime soon.