Google's YouTube TV streaming service arrived last April. The service initially launched in only five markets but expanded quickly with Google adding additional networks and features since its debut.

As reported by Engadget, YouTube is expanding upon their service once more by adding several channels from the Turner network including TNT, TBS, CNN, Turner Classic Movies and Cartoon Network, just to name a few.

Unfortunately for some, sizable service expansions such as this lead to price hikes and YouTube TV's upcoming update is no exception. The service will be receiving a $5 price increase beginning March 13, effectively raising its monthly cost from $35 to $40.

This isn't an unprecedented move for a streaming service. Platforms like Netflix have instituted similar cost increases in the past, usually intended to reflect increased customer value over time. In this case, YouTube TV's $5 price increase also serves to bring its costs in line with a few of its competitors, such as PlayStation Vue and Hulu's live TV plan, both of which also cost $40.