Raspberry Pi is a small but powerful microcomputer capable of programming with languages like Scratch and Python as well as interacting with Internet of Things (IoT) devices. From playing games to building robots, Raspberry Pi has emerged as a fun and intuitive platform for learning the essentials of programming, and you can dive into using it for 80% off with the Raspberry Pi 3 Kit + Mastery Bundle.

This collection bundles together the PiCar-V Kit with Raspberry Pi 3 Board and seven courses to help you utilize it to its full potential. Jump in, and you'll discover how Raspberry Pi can be used to create home automation devices, temperature sensors, armbots, and even Bitcoin miners. Plus, with the PiCar-V Kit, you'll be able to experiment with your very own Pi-powered car using Python code.

What's included

The Raspberry Pi 3 Kit + Mastery Bundle normally retails for $920, but TechSpot readers can get it on sale for $178.99, saving 80% off the usual price.

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