Twitter has operated on the basis of following trending topics and watching reactions to live events as they happen. Going back in time to find older tweets is manageable using the search feature but is not necessarily optimal and can take time to find what you are looking for.

In order to make saving and sharing previous tweets easier, Twitter is introducing Bookmarks. The share button now found on each message allows for tweets to be bookmarked for later. Sharing directly from each tweet can be done via Direct Message or a variety of ways off of Twitter via messaging apps.

Tweets added to bookmarks are not publicly displayed which some may view as an advantage over using the more traditional like option. All users worldwide should now have access to the feature on mobile devices.

Another advantage to bookmarking is that it makes it possible to easily save content without indicating that you may be showing approval for the content of a tweet. There is no option to show disapproval for content by design, leaving few other options to easily save posts. Now, there is no need to revert to tactics such as sending a direct message to yourself or copying the URL of the individual tweet to save for later.

To be able to access the new features, ensure that you are running the latest version of the Twitter app for Android or iOS.