It's been years in the making but one of the most compelling interactive action-adventure games in recent memory finally has a release date. Quantic Dream on May 25 will launch Detroit: Become Human exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Set in a dystopian vision of the near future, Detroit: Become Human tells the story of three androids - Kara, Connor and Markus - as they struggle to process human emotions they've never felt before. Players will control all three characters over the course of the game, dictating their destinies and telling not only their individual stories, but also those of the people they interact with and their world as a whole.

As highlighted on Sony's official PlayStation blog, your in-game actions have real and spectacular consequences. At any time, key characters may decide to help you out or be cut from your life. Entire scenes can be seen or missed based on your actions and as Quantic Dream director David Cage notes, even the three main characters could die at any time.

If you've ever played decision-based games like Indigo Prophecy or Heavy Rain, this should be right up your alley. I personally can't wait to give it a shot as this is one of my favorite game genres alongside simulation racers. Here's to hoping it wont be a letdown.