Amazon's speedy delivery service is great, but we can't always be at home to receive our packages. To improve its service, the company has been rolling out a new system that involves taking photos to show where a delivery has been placed on a person's property.

The system allows couriers to leave packages in safe places where they're less likely to be spotted by thieves. Taking a photo of the location for the owner will probably be easier than having to explain its whereabouts. Additionally, it can also be used as proof that the items were dropped off at a person's address. The image is included in the notice of delivery received by customers.

According to USA Today, the program, called Amazon Logistics Photo on Delivery, has been around for six months but the delivery device and app has only just been updated so all drivers can take photos. It's currently available in select markets, including Oregon, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, and the Northern Virginia metro areas.

"Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery provides visual delivery confirmation --- it shows customers that their package was safely delivered and where, and it's one of many delivery innovations we're working on to improve convenience for customers," said an Amazon spokesperson, Kristen Kish.

There have been several occasions where I've struggled to find my Amazon parcel from a description that simply read "in backyard." I've also had delivery confirmations stating a package went to my home when in reality it arrived at a different address, so I can see the advantages of such a system. But there will be those who aren't happy about having their properties photographed; thankfully, users can opt out of the system. And it's definitely less invasive than allowing a courier into your empty home.