Blizzard last week teased the possibility of bringing its popular Diablo franchise to the Nintendo Switch. While the developer and publisher never said as much in direct words, the message was inferred through a Twitter post of a demon-themed nightlight being turned on and off.

When pressed on the matter, Blizzard said the post was meant to be a fun community engagement piece and that they simply aren't that clever. The problem with that admission is that, in fact, Blizzard is that clever and we're hearing as much from chatty sources.

Those familiar with the matter tell Eurogamer on Tuesday that Blizzard is indeed working to port the Diablo franchise - specifically, Diablo III - to the Switch. Sources couldn't confirm whether the Reaper of Souls or the Necromancer expansions will be included in the port although at this point, it would be surprising if they weren't bundled in.

Now, for a bit of bad news.

Eurogamer's sources said they were surprised to see last week's teaser considering the game is still several months away from an official reveal.

Nintendo doesn't typically encourage speculation about its games. What's more, third-party Switch games often aren't announced until close to their launch date. The tease by Blizzard seems to go against the grain on multiple fronts but eh, what's the harm in doing so? If a social media post gets people excited about a game, that's not exactly a bad thing.