Blizzard on Twitter earlier this week shared a video of a demon-themed nightlight being turned on and off. The video's caption read, "Sweet Dreams." Naturally, because it's Diablo and because the nightlight literally has an on / off switch, people assumed this was Blizzard's clever way of hinting that Diablo is destined for Nintendo's Switch handheld.

The tweet spawned plenty of online discussion but before getting too excited, you should hear Blizzard's response.

When pinged for question, a Blizzard spokesperson told Polygon via e-mail that the post was meant to be a fun community engagement piece. "We can assure you we're not that clever," the rep said, adding that they have nothing to announce.

Intentional or not, the tweet has people talking and that's a good thing. Nintendo has a reputation as a family-friendly brand which means gory content doesn't often find its way to the company's ecosystem. That mentality has changed a bit with the Switch, however, as traditionally violent titles like Doom and Wolfenstein have popped up on the Switch's roadmap.

Blizzard's most recent entry in the franchise launched nearly six years ago. Diablo III was initially a PC exclusive before finding its way to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013 and landing on current-gen consoles in September 2014. Blizzard added a new playable character class, the Necromancer, last year.