One of the best things about good but underrated PC games is that they often end up being given away free a few years after launch. The Darkness II, an enjoyable title that flew under many people's radar, has joined these ranks. It's available for nothing right now over on the Humble Bundle. But you better move fast: the offer won't be up for very long.

The Darkness II is still $29.99 on Steam, where it has a 'very positive' rating. It's the sequel to the excellent 2007 FPS game, which was only released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Both titles are based on the comic book of the same name; they following Jackie Estacado, a mafia hitman turned crime boss, who possess unholy abilities thanks to a demonic force that has inhabited his family for generations---the Darkness, which is voiced brilliantly in the games by former Faith No More singer Mike Patton.

While the 2012 sequel did make its way onto the PC, it wasn't quite as ground-breaking as its predecessor and didn't get the amount of attention it deserved. But it's still a fun, arcadey shooter that's an enjoyable way of spending some hours. And Jackie's often brutal powers are great to play about with.

You'll need to make a free Humble account to get the game, which comes in the form of a Steam key. Best hurry if you're interested: the deal is only available for another 30 hours at the time of writing.