Canon has released the EOS C700 FF digital cinema camera, capable of shooting true 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160) in ProRes. The C700 FF actually contains a 5.9K CMOS sensor that is capable of 5,952 x 3,140 but downsamples to 4K. It is technically possible to record in 5.9K RAW but an external recorder currently without a set price must be purchased to make that possible.

One of the benefits of downsampling means less noise and fewer artifacts will make their way into finished films. Higher ISO ranges are possible without introducing unacceptable levels of distortion.

Any full-frame camera is going to be expensive. The C700 FF tips the scales at $33,000 for the camera itself. Pricing falls in between RED's Epic-W Gemini 5K S35 and Epic-W 8K Helium but both of RED's options have smaller image sensors and can capture RAW footage natively. RED recognizes the exorbitant expenses and is working to bring costs down to under $30,000 for a camera capable of 8K recording.

One of the standout features that Canon has over other competitors is its Dual Pixel auto-focus system. Although the C700 FF does lack native RAW, the ProRes format is still a popular choice among filmmakers and is not necessarily a downside. With data rates up to 810 Mbps, there is plenty of detailed information captured without using RAW.

While cost-prohibitive for consumers, moviegoers and film fanatics will be able to enjoy improved HDR content and more vivid detail.