Fortnite players have been scratching their heads over a strange object that has appeared in the game's sky over the weekend. It started on Friday when people began complaining about their controllers vibrating for no reason.

When the complaints reached Twitter, Epic Games responded via its official Fortnite account saying that there was a bug causing controllers to vibrate randomly and advised users to turn off the vibration function until they could sort out the problem.

However, not long after the vibration 'glitch' appeared, players also began noticing a strange object in the sky. It looks a bit like a star but has a fuzzy tail making it seem more like a comet.

Some players have reported that the object is getting bigger. Indeed, Kotaku posted two pictures taken from the same vantage point a day apart, and the anomaly does appear to have gotten a bit larger and brighter. Players speculate that the comet is on a collision course and could impact the game world.

When Kotaku reached out to Epic for comment on the weird celestial object, a representative responded with nothing but a single image of Giorgio Tsoukalos. You know --- the guy from the History Channel's show Ancient Aliens who believes that Earth was visited by, and perhaps populated by, aliens who visited eons ago.

It would seem the developers are trolling Kotaku and players, which is only further stirring speculation. Reddit is ripe with theories regarding the object and the random vibrations. One Redditor thinks that the object's trajectory is heading toward Tilted Towers and that the devs are going to use it to wipe out that part of the world at the end of the season to perhaps replace it with "something space-related, maybe aliens."

Another Reddit user appears to have mapped out every location where he has felt his controller vibrate. He claims that the positions roughly mark out an "X" for a landing/impact zone and the initials T.T. for Tilted Towers. This would seem to corroborate the other player's theory were it not for the fact that both are based on imaginative guesses about the purpose of the object.

Whatever it all means, Epic is keeping tight-lipped about it preferring to tease players (and journalists) and allowing the gears of wonder to continue to grind.